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Trade Facilities
If you buy flowers weekly then talk to us about our trade facilities as we can offer you discounted purchasing directly from our Dutch partner's web shop. Call us for a demo code. Flowers can be collected from our Alphington site. We do not offer a delivery service but you are able to purchase your flowers through us without built in shipping charges.

Ordering Your Flowers
If you require specific flowers these can be ordered via phone, email or in person we request that your order is placed around 2 weeks in advance, this enables us to make sure your order is correct. If you require flowers at shorter notice please phone through your order. On Monday and Tuesday we can give you live flower prices for collection on Thursday or Friday mornings.

Paying For Your Flowers
You can pay in part or the full balance for your flowers at any time before your event. If you would prefer to know what your outlay will be in advance we can offer fixed prices for full payments in advance.

If you prefer to wait to pay until you collect your flowers you will pay the best price available on the day. You can pay by cash or card on collection. Flowers will be available for dispatch once full payment has been received. A £100 non-refundable deposit secures our floristry services.

Guarantees and Substitutions
As a natural product cut flower quality can be compromised by several factors. Where issues arise we will substitute with the next best available alternative. We reserve the right to do this.

Collecting & Transporting Your Flowers
•You can collect your supply only flowers between Wednesday and Friday for a weekend event.
•Your flowers will be supplied in large flat boxes, these fit in the back of most cars.
•It is important to keep your car cool during transportation.
•Flowers that will not travel dry will be supplied in water.
•We recommend re-cutting the stems of your flowers as soon as you reach you destination and placing them in fresh water.

Collection Times
For pre ordered flowers
11.00pm - 2.30pm Tuesday
9.30am - 2.30pm Wednesday
9.30am - 2.30pm Thursday
9.30am - 12.00pm Friday
Floristry items can be collected on the day of your event by appointment regardless of our opening hours.

Storing Your Flowers
We specialise in buying the best quality flowers at just the right time so they will be at their blooming best on the day of your event. We recommend keeping your flowers in a cool but not cold indoor environment such as a garage or barn, away from any draughts or direct light. Each flower is different and we will give you any special instructions on collection.

We can sell you specialist flower travelling buckets for £5 per section (base & collar separately)- we will buy these back when you return them.
We can sell you recycled round black buckets for £2.00 each

Location: Home > How It Works

Please Note: We are fast booking up for Wedding Floristry services for 2018, please confirm soon if you require us to make your flowers
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